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5 Questions to a Passionate Digital Marketer – “Husain Bohra”

Hi , guys . I hope you are all doing fine and are safe wherever you are . It has been a long time since my last blog, been busy in some or the other activities . So not wasting your time , let’s jump to the topic of our discussion today .

So let’s get started .

In today’s blog I’m going to share the details of a text interview from a special guest , a digital marketer enthusiast and a hardworking humble guy named “Husain Bohra”. I have framed 5 Questions around Digital Marketing and his background and interest in the same . The Q’s and his answers would definitely help you in your journey to become a Digital Marketer .

Q.1 ) Small introduction of yourself and the reason for pursuing Digital Marketing as your niche ?

Husain Bohra

Hi! I’m Husain Bohra, Graduated as a Software Engineer, now a passionate Digital Marketer, exploring the niche of Affiliate Marketing, Digital Coaching and Deep Marketing Automation. Through my skills, I help small and growing businesses and early start ups to grow their brand through the use of Digital Marketing.

My reason for doing Digital Marketing 

From the age of 10, I have been a seller and a marketer unknowingly. I have been selling things which were there at my father’s shop by convincing people in my own way. And again I was a computer addict. I used to find ways on how my computer helped me to generate a huge income. This led me towards Digital Marketing.

Q.2 ) Who should do Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is not restricted to any field. There is a scope for Digital Marketing in every niche as you can see. Anyone, who has a passion to help people and can solve a problem by being on the web, can try and build his presence through Digital Marketing.

Q.3 ) Can you share your Favourite tool in Digital Marketing ?

Yes , So my favourite tools in Digital Marketing are many depending on different usage.

  • For Email Marketing, I use “Sender”.

It is an email marketing tool which offers great services and all available services for free till 2500 subscribers

  • For designing, I use “Canva” because of its large variety of templates and easy drag and drop builder.
  • For Landing Pages, I use “Swipe Pages” as it has amazing loading speed, responsive and AMP optimized.
  • For scheduling, I use FB Content Creator. 
  • For designing lead magnets I use as it gives a variety of ready made templates to choose and design from. 
  • Coming to WordPress themes, my favourite is Neve. and Elementor is my favourite drag and drop builder in WordPress to use.

Q. 4 ) What do you think about its future ? And will automation disrupt the industry?

Can’t say where digital marketing will stand in the future. But surely the whole Marketing domain practice will be digital , the basic reason behind that is that you are getting numbers. Which numbers? Analytical Numbers. That will help to compare and which is instant data . Ads in newspapers to banners, everything is getting digital presence now which gives numbers in various forms to see its impact using any Analytical tool. That’s the fundamental reason I believe why Digital marketing is preferred over traditional and will be used in years to come . And 10 years down the line , people will be familiar with Digital marketing practices on a large scale and they will use the said method to connect with people .

And about your other question , I think that looking at a larger perspective Automation will help us more than being a problem. Definitely it will impact the existing jobs which is inevitable but will create new opportunities in the said field as well and also on the other side it will help getting the process much smoother . The people who are having limited capital can use  automation to handle the business process and save their expenses . Automation will help content creators to curate content much faster . So , yes Automation will create a change for the good but not necessarily difficult . 

Q .5 ) Any message to the readers and Aspiring Digital marketers?

The first thing I would suggest above anything is to select your mentor , your guru . Don’t go here and there and learn from everyone , you’ll end up nowhere and get confused . Select a Mentor who you think will guide in your Digital Marketing Journey and help you whenever you are in a doubt . Without proper guidance or Mentor , you’ll walk in a random direction .

And Yes , when you become successful , Mentor someone .When you share your experiences and learning you’ll learn more .

So , my simple motto is Dream , Believe and Achieve. If you can Dream it , you can believe it and if you can believe it , you are definitely going to achieve it .

Thank you !

Here we come to the end of the 5 Q’s that I put forward to Husain and his insights were amazing . Hopefully the readers got to learn something out of it  .

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Thank you for your time .

 Bye ! See you soon 😀


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