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Firsthand experience of the Digital Deepak Internship Program.


I’ll share whatever i have experienced so far in this internship . So let’s get started with it.

For the last 1-2 years I have been planning to build website/blog  and use that for creating some content  but couldn’t understand what to start with and how. I kept looking for a digital marketing course as I got to know that you have to have knowledge about Digital marketing techniques to promote your website/blog and ultimately reaching out to your target audience. . 

So around August end , I got an email about Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)  and after seeing the program details  i got excited as the program was designed in such a way that not only i could build my own website but i can also learn how to find my niche , to generating leads, to promoting through ads. 

The peculiar thing about this DDIP is that initially you have pay a certain sum to get started with the Internship program but week by week you’ll get all the amount back as cashback till the end of the program i.e 100% of the amount returned to you that you have invested and I thought what’s wrong in that , why shouldn’t I go for it . Isn’t it amazing that you will learn about digital marketing and also earn back all , not just the amount invested but you can earn more than you have invested .

This scheme is currently for our Batch 6 and Batch 7 is already full , Batch 8 is filling up so don’t know , this scheme would not stay for long where you might get cashback but not 100% of the amount back, where already 50,000 applications are already in line as the demand is increasing .

 I applied for the Internship program of  Batch 5 in which you need to fill an survey cum application form that includes a short survey which is about knowing you i.e who you are and the reason for  applying to this internship . And later i got to know that Batch 5 got full and I wasn’t able to be a part of that batch . Later I tried again after a month for Batch 6 and luckily I was selected for the internship program .

After some days I got an email for the 1st Live webinar which was a Welcome Webinar for Batch 6 to introduce us to the process and curriculum of the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

Webinar was about  his journey of being a digital marketer and insights to the program  and at the end of the webinar , you have to pay the said amount for the program . After completing the payment and in a day or so I got an email about the 1st week i.e. when it is going to commence.

Well , the whole Internship Program is divided into 16 weeks i.e 12 weeks + 4 bonus weeks .So every week includes a Topic and for that you’ll have an  assignment that you have to complete and submit in 7 days time + 2 days grace i.e at 5th day of the assignment you’ll get the next weeks video so incase some people finishes the current week assignment can start with the next so in total he will get 9 days to complete the assignment and please note that you won’t get any extension for the same.

 After completing the assignment you need to submit that assignment on the Learning Management System (LMS) created by Digital Deepak . Don’t rely on the thought that you will get an extension on whatever reason you may say so . You need to complete on time anyhow as you’ll get cashback based on your assignment. There’s an extension in some weeks where Digital Deepak feels a need for it , rest you won’t get any .

And for the fact I’m in Week 8 right now and I’m able to complete all the assignments on time or for most of them before time . So don’t worry about that aspect , this is only worrisome for the procrastinator which I was before the internship program but the program is structured in such a way that I don’t feel like postponing anything . You’ll enjoy and learn a lot  being a part of it. Each assignment has some cashbacks which depends on the structure provided to you . Each Batch has its own way so there’s no point of sharing it here as it keeps changing . 

 Assignments will be based on the Digital Marketing Techniques where each week will have its own task . Every week you will be given an content video on the topic which is on the LMS provided to you i.e. you need to login and there you will get access to all the videos of all the weeks which is a lifetime access which is updated week by week on your LMS as you move on i.e the week you are in .

So for instance , 1st week would include Explanation video  on the topic of the week and after that you’ll get an Assignment based video where Digital Deepak will guide you how to do the assignment of the week . And in 2 days of the Video released on the LMS you’ll get access to Live Webinar for Q&A  for assignment where you can ask whatever doubt you have for the topic and assignment . The pattern is same for all the weeks . All these will be enough to understand the topic thoroughly and smoothly complete the assignment on time. 

You must be wondering that in the middle of the week if I face any doubt and there is some difficulty, how do I reach Digital Deepak for it? So he has a support email id where you can reach out to his team  regarding any issue related to assignments and cashbacks where they will solve all of  your queries . But you’ll barely need to use email to reach out to them as most of your queries will be resolved in Telegram group itself which is provided by Digital Deepak for each batch. 

Our batch 6 has our own Telegram group where we all the interns discuss all the queries out there. The group is active everyday as per the time decided by the mentor so that the group doesn’t become a spam group and due to that many of that important things can get missed , also Digital Deepak team member who is our Mentor i.e Divya Kothari who is also amazing along with Deepak sir , will be a part of the group or you might be under any other mentor who will help you out if there’s any issues related to the that week topic and assignment.

And the group is of 500 people where many are there to solve your query too , thus need not worry about doubts as you’ll get lots of hands to help you . Almost for any or all of  the assignments that i have submitted  i have been able to clear my doubts if any with the help of the Telegram group that we have . 

You must have read this quote somewhere or the other that “You’re an average of 5 people you spend most of your time with. So many fellow interns out there are so encouraging and informative that you’ll feel that you are in some Mba college doing Marketing with a group of talented hardworking people. You’ll grow and learn at the same time being with such fellow interns. For the fact , In week 4 of website building , I was so confused and worried that I won’t be able to complete the assignment and almost 3-4 days of the 7 days of week went away in confusion of how to go for it. But the Live Q&A session and with the help of a fellow intern I submitted the assignment just 1 day before the deadline, as I didn’t want to miss any of my assignments and missed getting cashbacks. 

In between apart from the assignment he conducts Live Webinars for different topics that may be about Tools used in Digital marketing to Ultimate Guide to Lead generation . You’ll be wanting to join the live webinar . As he is always in the mode of giving knowledge as much as he can, he also gives us free ebooks or access to free mastery courses like Facebooks ads or Zapier or his mind maps .

His mind maps are too amazing , which cover almost everything that he wants to work on or speak about . Mind Maps are a great way to declutter your mind and gives you a clear picture . I started using mind maps and it helped me a lot in making decisions better and better presenting it out in my content . I would suggest anyone who is reading the article to really try out using mind maps for content creation or anything you think that needs proper format. 

Slowly week by week Assignments get challenging and which is the most exciting part of the program I believe. You’ll be doing so many 1st things  during the program that you hardly can think of doing or couldn’t do for some or the other reason . . 

These are my 1st till my 8th week of the Program.

1 . I created my own website /blog for the  1st time .

2. I wrote a blog with a better clear perspective and organised meaningful with proper tools for the 1st time .

3. Created my own YouTube video content for assignment.

4. Conducted a live webinar with students.

5. Made landing pages , generated leads .

6. Understanding  behind the scenes of the digital world. 

7. Publishing articles on my site , creating my own logo , trying out facebook ads.

All these I was able to do simply because of the Program or else who knows how long it would have taken me if I had learnt digital marketing from some other mentor. I’m still not able to find any reasons to mention that you shouldn’t join the Internship program .

I’ll be mentioning all the week’s topics and explain till 8th week as I’m in 8th Week of the Internship Program .

Week 1 – Success Mindset

He’ll guide you how to think as a successful person and give some of his researched information and experiences that will help us to grow like a paradigm shift week it is . Assignment of the week makes us think about ourselves and i.e likes ,dislikes which is more over a personality evaluation assignment.

Week 2 – The Law of Marketing

What will be the use of digital marketing if you cannot understand the concept and the aspects behind marketing . So with this week you’ll be able to understand the marketing intricacies and how you can use it to grow your business or build your own personal brand . He will make you write a blog on the things explained by him .

Week 3 – Discovering Your Profitable Niche

It’ll guide you to understand better what you are good at and what you can sell and what you should sell . This week will help you to get started with  evaluating your ideas and make it to use in real world , most importantly helping you make better decisions for your niche. 

Week 4 – Creating Your WordPress Blog

This is the week where I felt the game has just begun . Honestly it was quite challenging for me as it was difficult to understand what to do and what not to in the beginning but proper guidance and help made me go through this week nicely. In this you’ll create & get your website register based on your niche . Believe me , you’ll be too excited and nervous  both at the same time this week .

Week 5 – Becoming the King of Content

One of the most exposure based week is this week that you’ll get in this program . So based on week 3rd &4th  you’ll use your niche to go on with and write content about it on your website. Also creating content for YouTube videos ( happy that i was able to create content about it as this was challenging for me) so basically all about Content creation  in this week , this is one of the most exciting week as you’ll see all the application of learning this week.

Week 6 – Building Your Tribe and Social Media

Creating your tribe and conducting a  Live Webinar based on your niche. Quite a task  😀 .

Week 7 – Lead Magnets and Lead Generation

All about lead generation by introducing us to many tools . Creating landing pages , using email marketing tools . The most challenging task of the internship program.

Week 8 – Facebook Ads

Creating Facebook ads for your content or any products/ services you want to sell . 

Week 9 – Google Ads

Week 10 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Week 11 – Email Marketing Automation

Week 12 – Sales and Conversion

Bonus Weeks

  • Bonus Week 1 – Personal Branding & Dream Job
  • Bonus Week 2 – Affiliate Marketing
  • Bonus Week 3 – Digital Freelancing
  • Bonus Week 4 – Digital Mentoring

I’ll update this post as I approach another week . So week by week I’ll add my experience to the unfilled weeks.

Checkout the Video format on the same theme .
Digital deepak internship program (thetanmayblog)

The reasons you should join 

  • If you want to learn digital marketing , not just by watching videos and do nothing about it instead want to have a practical exposure to it .
  • If you don’t know how to get started with your blog.
  • To scale about your website or products/services of your business 
  • Getting insights to wonderful brainstorming lessons that will give you a clear picture for selecting your niche , growing your business, building your own products / services .
  • You want to challenge yourself by doing live webinars , writing your own content , creating YouTube videos .
  • Learn Facebook ads , Google ads , getting email marketing behind the scenes. 
  • If you are not able to find a Mentor for proper guidance like Digital Deepak who will make digital marketing exciting and easy for you . 

I believe this Internship program will be one of your best decisions ever. Don’t hesitate this is not a scam . He’s one of the top Digital marketer of India for quite a while now and his base is growing everyday.

The most beautiful thing about him is he keeps giving away so many insights  that you might get surprised  that this level of transparency is nowhere anywhere to see. 

He is also coming with the DMAT exam which is his innovative idea i.e Digital Marketing Aptitude Test of 120 Q of 2 hours . His perspective towards anything is quite unique . He keeps building something new like this Internship Program.

This is a well structured Program keeping everything in mind that one tends to procrastinate so assignments , cashbacks everything is built up superbly. The planning for all the week is organised smoothly for us like Every Tuesday we have a Q&A session , Every Saturday we get the new week topic explanation video and Every Monday Assignment deadline .

We are shared with the timeline beforehand so we can plan everything accordingly.Again the video you will be seeing has no validity and you will get lifetime access to all the videos so don’t worry if you feel like visiting the old videos for concept revision. If the assignment you submit gets rejected due to mistakes  they’ll give you another chance to submit  as it is a 100% guarantee for approval of assignment . They’ll point out what mistakes you have made and what changes you need to make to get the assignment approved .  Till date all of my assignments are approved at 1st go , for that got all the cashback for the submitted assignment. 

Don’t waste time here and there if you are still not able to find a proper guide for digital marketing and quickly join the next batch of the internship program if you think it is worth it because the applicants are rising quickly so it might be difficult for you to get access. But give it a try if they like your application you’ll be able to join it sooner . Better late than never because he will be changing the scheme from time to time as the demands keeps increasing .

Here’s the joining link .


  1. The DDIP is indeed an amazing digital marketing program, Tanmay.

    I wrote a review on the same topic too, and having read other similar articles, I’ve realised that the importance of perspectives.

    You have beautifully elaborated the same which has enriched my overall experience. Kudos.

  2. Hi i was going through reviews about digital deepak , I came across many students who have taken his course is making website and selling his course. Is this one of the task or commission you will get for enrolling people into his course.


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