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Digital Marketing doesn’t see your background.

Yes, you heard it right , digital marketing doesn’t see your background . Background can be your academic front as well as economic . If you have limited resources especially money or your are from a non technical background i.e mostly people from commerce or arts or some might be from science background as well who is non coder/ non IT can do digital marketing like any other digital marketer out there. But how to get started is the main question . So the article will guide you about the journey you will have to take to learn digital marketing , in short what we call it as “process”.

I’m a commerce background student and have decided to step into the digital marketing field but wait do i have to learn programming beforehand or it will be difficult for me in comparison to technical background students . The answer is a big “NO”. Just believe in yourself and get things done . I’m quite positive that after reading this article you will understand the world around digital marketing .

It would be interesting for you all to know that this is one of my assignments for the Digital Deepak Internship Program by Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju where I have to write an article . Here I’m to present to you what I have learnt from him and the internet .

To get started with Digital Marketing , first should know what is marketing and why we do it , right? Or without it we would be just missing the fundamentals .

What is Marketing ?

Marketing is a strategic set of ideas to influence the consumer to use or to make them aware about the products/services alongwith positioning the offering better than the competitors.

Why do we do marketing ?

The reason we do marketing is to connect with the end consumer and target market to develop a healthy relation and to build company reputation. It also helps in growing our sales target and creating awareness about product / service offerings. Marketing is not a new phenomenon but thousands years or more older practice. Just the process has changed from time to time as per the need and requirements of markets. It has evolved over a period of time from traditional marketing approach to digital marketing where the earlier one is quite an exhausting process to follow .

Traditional marketing is what is not online . It involves directly contacting the customers over phone , using billboards , sending direct mails like postcards , letters , brochures , print advertising , coupons , referrals also known as word of mouth marketing and the best of all of them are radio and television which has a far better reach than any one can imagine through digital marketing .150–250 millions people on an average watch Ipl every year and the advertising around the match like Cred , Dream11 must have come to notice to so many people which digital marketing can hardly attain such reach and with consistency .

The objective of traditional marketing is to create brand awareness and amplify sales but what it lacks is live tracking where digital marketing takes a leapfrog .

Below image gives you an idea about the power of the internet thus can be digital marketing.

Image source- chartpedia instagram

Digital marketing is already big and no one can deny the fact of what it is going to be in years to come. It does not require any physical presence; all of these are functioning in the virtual world through the internet . You are required to have a computer/laptop and an internet connection that’s it to get started with .

It is prevalent and employs combinations like Search engine optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) , Content Marketing ,Email Marketing , E-books , E-commerce marketing . All of these can be implemented from working at your home .

Well , I started the article with the background so particularly commerce background students your whole life revolves around money , right ? So if you do not use digital marketing to your own good then you’re losing out your potential money 😛 Jokes apart but yes , you guys and every other who intend to do digital marketing with good practice will surely earn huge profits and can grow exponentially. You do not have to invest huge capital to start with it but the most important thing is intent . Find a good digital mentor like I did i.e Mr Deepak Kanakaraju as mentioned above who is truly amazing . Check out his article on Internship Program –Click here  .

Intent to learn and implement in the real world is a must for that you should have a goal . Without setting your own goal you will just move in random directions which will waste your time . Write down why you want to do this which is digital marketing and what you are aiming for . Not only that but also how much you’re expecting out of it and want to earn in the years to come i.e your financial goal should also be planned in line with your career which will help you to make a better informed decision whether you should do this or that , which will help you accomplish your financial goal. Without a plan you will land nowhere .

Checkout the video form of the same theme written in this blog .

To be good at digital marketing you should not only depend on the techniques used like seo, sem or any other digital marketing practices but also know about the economics aspect as well to better understand the spending ability , problems in the market which will help you make better decisions . If your target segment is India then you should be aware of Indian economy and also Global economy if you look for something outside India .

To do digital marketing , it is not necessary for you to become an expert in all parts but you can choose your own specialized aspect where you want to grow particularly i.e “niche selection”.

Select your niche by following steps i.e

a. identifying your passion.

b. finding pain points that exists in the market.

c. know your competition .

d.know what you are good at.

Following the above steps for your niche selection will help you get a clear idea of what you want to do and not i.e filtering out most of the things and focus on one particular topic that you’re interested in . Start writing blogs on your niche , it will help you and your target segment to connect with you more often and gradually expand your niche to a wider audience .

Niche will lead you to a start but not make the process easier for you as you still have to make the consumer use your products/ services. You should create your own content with the help of a marketing funnel to be able to better process the journey from marketing the product/service to make the customer do a transaction . Like our mentor mentioned, it is a great way to approach the marketing funnel and its framework i.e CATT approach — Content , Attention , Trust and Transaction .

Content : Create useful content for your blog , videos , live webinars.

Attention : Drive people to use your products/services by Seo/ social media , paid ads , referrals.

Trust : Build trust with your audience with trip wires , marketing automation, retargeting

Transaction : Convert your leads into customers using natural sales methods .

The CATT funnel will make the process much easier for you to generate leads and give you data of where the customer is exiting i.e after the content or before the transaction stage. This will help you to identify the mistakes that you might be making anywhere during the process .

Let’s say for a hypothetical situation , we now understand the digital marketing combinations like Seo , Sem , Social Media marketing , content marketing and every other digital marketing aspects and then we also are done with selecting our niche for our product/services even after that we also done with the marketing funnel we are going to use in the end but what if i tell you that all of these will work individually on their own and none of them complement or connect in any way and in this way it reaches your end consumer . You can imagine how cumbersome it will be for you as well the audience who are using the product/services . So for this you should integrate all of your combinations in such a way that it unifies the channel and leads to only one direction that is your target content.

Imagine all the pixels on a digital picture working independently which will not make sense but when they all integrate together then we can identify a picture which makes sense . So similarly in that way Integrated Digital Marketing framework will help the audience go smoothly from one touchpoint to another without any interruption.

After going through all the process mentioned above still we are left with the most important thing which is Personal Branding as in the end people are attracted to people but not just the brand alone . And especially if you are a mentor and you have not created such an image in the market that you are the best and just focusing on the content though important will not help , so in that case you need to rethink your strategy .

Personal branding should also be the focus so people won’t hesitate in using your products/services than your competitors because somewhere in the back of consumer mind they have your trust that they are under this mentor and they know that he’s the best in the market , which is only possible with personal branding or else people would always love to experiment with the low cost or newbie one who has no personal branding as yours if such situation persists. Personal branding will attract more customers than you can imagine once you have set your standards in the market .

If you are reading this , that means you have gone through the journey of a digital marketer . If you think it was worth it then please do share it with your friends and family.

Thank you for the time : )

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